How an Agile Consultant Can Help You

How an Agile Consultant Can Help You

How an Agile Consultant Can Help You

How an Agile Consultant Can Help You

Agile methods are among the top solutions for IT management. With a consultant you can utilize an even larger benefit from this framework

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Agile development frameworks are common in the world of IT and software. Giants like Spotify, Twitter, and eBay all use the approach.

The Agile manifesto dates to 2001. It has inspired countless teams to find faster and better ways to develop products.

One advantage is the movement of decision-making control to the teams themselves. This is a collaborative approach, not a top-down method.

So bearing this in mind, how can an Agile consultant help you make the most of the framework? Read on to learn more about the advantages of hiring one.

Enjoy Better Clarity In Your Team

One of the main benefits of using an Agile consultant is the clarity they bring to the project. Think of them as a bridge between the stakeholders and the development team.

The consultant helps the stakeholders to agree on what they expect from the project. This gives them a better idea of what to expect. No more "I'll know what I want when I see it"!

Then the consultant can take this to the team to help with goal setting. Knowing the expectations in advance helps to keep this process more realistic.

The added advantage is that the stakeholders can have more trust in the team because they feel 'heard'. In turn, the team can work more quickly because they have a clear brief.

This reduces miscommunication, which prevents mistakes and unnecessary delays. It also means the consultant has a clear vision of the project's aims and scope.

This 'bigger picture' view can help with decision-making if problems occur. It's a step towards becoming a truly Agile business.

Ensure Projects Have Direction

One of the benefits of using an Agile approach is the iterative formula. Projects become organic, with regular milestones to review progress.

That also gives opportunities to pivot or take projects in a new direction. Stakeholders get projects that are more in line with requirements. Developers create better quality products.

This doesn't happen by accident. It's choreographed by the consultant to make sure groups stick to their goals.

The consultant works to manage the direction but not the content of the work. This lets the teams keep ownership of the project.

At the same time, they can hand over the problem-solving elements to the consultant. This gives teams the time and space to focus on what they do best⁠—creating products.

It also means that the consultant can stop the team from getting distracted. Instead of following tangents, the team is nudged back onto the action plan.

Approach Problem Solving In a New Way

Agile consultants aren't part of your team. It's better to think of them as outside forces helping to guide your team.

They're like IT sherpas. The organization contracts him or her to provide solutions as required.

When your team hits a problem, the consultant is there to help with solutions or answers. The advantage is that they're unbiased.

Their advice comes from their experience with the framework. They're not burdened by attachment to the project.

Their sole concern is resolving the issue so the team can get back to working on the project. This is also helpful if you have issues between the team and the stakeholders.

Agile consultants can act like independent, impartial advisors, rather than invested individuals.

This approach is the difference between Agile consulting and coaching. Coaches are 'in the thick of it' with their team. Consultants stay more detached so that they can focus on solving problems.

Get Targeted Support On a Project-By-Project Basis

Agile consultants usually only work on a short term contract basis. That's because they're hired for their Agile expertise.

They focus their advice to move the project forward. They also create action plans for the team to follow. If you need more hands-on Agile help, a coach might be a better fit.

The coach works within the team. By contrast, the consultant works alongside.

Coaches will help to develop the skills of individual team members. Consultants work at a more holistic level for the benefit of the project.

Remember that consultants work across a lot of projects within many different companies. This gives them a high degree of expertise with experience in a huge range of areas.

When a problem appears, it's likely the Agile consultant has faced something similar. This helps them to solve the problem faster and with a greater chance of success.

If problems occur that the consultant hasn't faced before? They're more likely to be able to troubleshoot.

They've got a huge bank of experience behind them that individual teams can't access. Consultants bring a vast knowledge base with them that can speed up projects.

Bring Agile Into Your Team With an Agile Consultant

97 per cent of companies now use Agile in their development process. That's still not 100 per cent.

It leaves three per cent of businesses that don't use the framework. Beyond that, not every team uses Agile. Some teams may use a version of Agile, such as Scrum.

Does your team still use the old Waterfall approach? The flexible Agile approach may seem unorthodox. You may prefer to have more finalised work created at each step of the process.

Whether you use Waterfall or another method, an Agile consultant can help to set up the systems you need to make this framework work for you.

They will guide you through the iterations so you can see for yourself how Agile benefits project development.

If this is your business, you would enjoy having an Agile coach on staff. They can take the action plans created by the consultant and help the team implement them.

Enjoy These Benefits

Now you know the huge benefits an Agile consultant can bring to your business. As impartial outsiders, they offer advice for the good of the project. They're not tied into individual teams.

They're trained to solve problems using their vast experience within the Agile methodology. Your business can benefit from their expertise.

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