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SAFe® Certification: What Course Is Best for You?

SAFe® Certification: What Course Is Best for You?

If you're into the development and delivery of frameworks for agile scaling, then you've likely considered SAFe(R) certification.

A SAFe certification has always been part of this industry but competition is increasing as this industry grows. You may be wondering: Is SAFe(R) certification worth it to help my career grow? Will I learn anything I don't already know? And, what course should I take for the certification? These are all great questions especially when it comes to picking an appropriate SAFe(R) certification course.

There are dozens of great opportunities but not all of them are fit for your goals and needs. This video will help clarify which courses are out there. And, hopefully, provide you with enough insight to find the right course in your journey for SAFe(R) certification.

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