The Benefits of Adopting the SAFe Framework for Your Team

The Benefits of Adopting the SAFe Framework for Your Team

The Benefits of Adopting the SAFe Framework for Your Team

The Benefits of Adopting the SAFe Framework for Your Team

The Scaled Agile Framework can help you cope with the challenges of developing software and systems. We look at the key benefits of the SAFe framework.

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Many people date the birth of the agile framework to 2001. It radically overhauled how software companies generated, developed, and shipped their products.

Enterprise soon switched on to these shortened project times. Businesses adopt agile practices once they saw the benefits.

But agile better suited smaller teams. It wasn't practical for a whole company at first. These challenges led to the development of the scaled agile framework (SAFe).

Innovators like LEGO and Spotify now use SAFe to faster develop and deliver new products.

Are you wondering about the benefits of the SAFe framework for your team? Read on to learn more.

Be Agile and Lean

The SAFe framework allows you to be both agile and lean.

Using the agile framework, you'll work in short cycles. You keep testing and evaluating work in small increments.

Lean project management means giving workers what they need and when they need it. But you use the least amount of space, equipment, materials and workers to do it.

SAFe gives you the benefit of the agile framework. You can spot what's not working and fix it early in the process.

But you can do this by using staff where they're needed the most, keeping things lean.

You don't have to do it all at once either. LEGO switched to using SAFe in 2015. They did so team-by-team.

Centralise Your Decision-Making

Agile works well for the project management of in small teams. But when you're scaling it up, you need centralised decision-making. That's because you're thinking at the level of the business as a whole - not just the team.

SAFe brings a sense of strategy into the process. Think of SAFe as the 'big picture' viewpoint.

It doesn't matter how complicated your project is. Run as many teams as you want underneath this centralised umbrella.

Having that central decision-making speeds up your processes by keeping everyone coordinated.

Encourage Top-Down Thinking

Agile can sometimes tend towards bottom-up working.

The results of tests pass upward, dictating the direction in future. Because SAFe uses a centralised system, this doesn't happen.

The top-down approach lets developers keep strategy and goals in mind.

This also leads to faster decision-making. Teams can make decisions based on the objectives, without having to stop for approval.

Standardised Processes

You may already have several teams using the agile framework. Chances are, they're all running a slightly different version.

Because they use agile in a different way, you run into delays whenever the teams have to work together. Or they're all using different software.

Maybe it's not compatible. Perhaps the tools have different requirements.

A benefit of using SAFe is you standardise your processes across your teams. Everyone uses the exact same version of the framework. You know everyone is using the same software and tools to do their job.

That's helpful if you take on new developers to help with a project. Training them is easy as you have a 'manual' for them to follow.

You can even swap developers between teams. Or hand tasks across teams as necessary. Whatever you need to do, SAFe gives you the flexibility to do it.

Better Business Alignment

Think of your projects in a vertical fashion. You've got management at the top and your development teams and testers below.

Getting staff on board in a chain from management downwards isn't always difficult. Share the strategy with teams down the ladder to clarify their goals and objectives.

What is more challenging is sharing that vision or strategy in a horizontal fashion. What we mean here is getting departments across your business into alignment.

Why isolate development teams from the rest of your business? Using SAFe means you can bring all your teams into alignment. That's whether they're marketing, finance, or even HR.

Motivate Your Employees

Top-down decision making doesn't only mean that top management makes all the decisions. Assemble a team to handle each project which represents the sub-teams working on it.

That way, IT technicians have a say in which hardware they may need to upgrade or replace. They're not wasting time working with equipment that's forced upon them.

Give teams a stake in the process. It's a great way to ensure your employees take responsibility for their part in the project. It helps improve their motivation and productivity at the same time.

Agile naturally requires a higher degree of productivity. Teams only work as fast as the slowest member. Use SAFe to enjoy these greater levels of productivity across your whole enterprise.

Enjoy Faster Delivery Times

We've touched on this already but using the SAFe gets your products to market much faster. Using agile for one or two teams will already speed up your production cycle.

But using agile at scale brings the value of incremental working to your entire company.

You can better plan marketing campaigns using the iteration-based focus of agile. These iterations give you a series of dates to plan around. That works well for launches or rolling digital marketing content.

Improve Research and Development

A good way to improve a person's performance is to let them work up to your expectations. Give them a chance to live up to your perception of them.

Let your development teams tell you what they can achieve in each iteration. Then let them do it. Once they deliver what they say they can deliver, it'll become common practice.

In addition, each iteration helps the team to understand their own workflow better. They'll be able to provide better estimates as to how long work will take. Which means you can make better plans for your centralised decision-making.

Adopt the SAFe Framework

We hope by now that you're convinced of the benefits of the SAFe framework. Better business alignment, higher productivity, and increased delivery times are all within reach.

Every enterprise adopts SAFe differently. So you can tailor the framework to meet your needs.

You can also undertake training in the framework to learn how to apply it. Check out our range of courses for both groups and individuals.

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