3 Ways Agile Methodology Improves Project Management

3 Ways Agile Methodology Improves Project Management

3 Ways Agile Methodology Improves Project Management

3 Ways Agile Methodology Improves Project Management

A project management methodology characterized by building products that customers really want. How can you implement this to your business model?

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Managing any kind of project is difficult; it doesn't matter whether it's in construction, media, or technology. Yet, managing software development projects is especially hard. You need to find ways to keep track of every line of code, and you need to place rigorous expectations on your teams to make a good product.

It can simply be too much for traditional project management principles to handle. That's why managers throughout the software development industry developed agile methodology techniques to help you and your teams! These techniques help you create better products faster and easier.

After you get your agile certification, you will notice some immediate changes. First off, you will notice that your team will get more done and be more productive. However, this will come at a trade-off; you may feel like you have less control over the project.

And how that affects your leadership comes down to what kind of leader you are. Are you the kind that will try to reclaim control over the project, or will you trust your teams to do good work? That's up to you, all we can promise is that agile frameworks will improve your products and make customers and teams happier!

And if you want to learn about 3 ways it does that, just keep reading below!

Agile Methodology Has 4 Principles

You can teach a class on the complexities of implementing an agile methodology in your project management style. There's simply too much to go over in a single article! Yet, there are some core principles that you should be aware of before deciding that agile frameworks are right for you.

Most of these tenants challenge traditional project management styles. They subvert the expectations that managers usually have when trying to lead projects. Whereas most managers would be concerned with tools, documentation, and sales — agile methodologies emphasise the teams and products.

Simply, agile project management is the future. Keep reading below to learn more about the principles behind agile frameworks, and how they subvert traditionally slow project management strategies!

Put Users Before Processes and Tools

When you're making software, most people approach the project with tools in mind. They have a list of the things they want to make for the software package. Teams and project managers alike almost exclusively concern themselves with the product itself.

Few stop to consider the user, and that can come at severe consequences. Agile methodologies emphasise the importance of considering user needs, and how they will use a product. Before you work on a process or a tool, be sure to think about whether anyone would really use it.

Make Sure It Works, Not Just That It's Documented

Documentation is a vital part of the software development process. It keeps your teams informed about changes to the product, and it can help incoming engineers jump onboard with development. Yet, documentation only benefits people if the product works.

Before you tell your teams to document what they do to the product, be sure to tell them to make sure it works first. Tell them to approach problems in search of a solution, and then to only document the solution. Documenting every step of the way towards that solution will only slow things down, and won't help anyone.

Work With Customers, Not For Contracts

You develop software for people, not for sales or to fulfil a contract. People will use the tools that your teams make, and you should always keep that in mind. If you run into an issue that involves your contract, be sure to discuss it with your client.

And if you are just creating software that will be delivered right to market, don't think about what you want to see out of your product. Obviously, the biggest thing you want to see is profit. But you will only get that if you imagine what the users want out of your product while developing it.

Adaptability is the Best Plan

It's important to have a plan for any project, no matter whether it's software development or anything else. Plans guide teams towards a common goal and ensure that your product actually gets made. Yet, they also shouldn't ever become dogma.

If your plan isn't adaptable to changes in the development process, it may kill your product. Plans that don't account for change only create chaos, counter-intuitively. So when you're designing your project management plan, be sure to leave room to adapt in the face of unexpected changes.

Agile Frameworks Give Your Company Agility

Now that you know the core tenants of agile project management, it's time to learn how they can benefit your company. It does more than just make the project faster, and to learn about some of the other ways it can help you, just keep reading below!

1. Meet Changing Priorities As they Appear

Agile frameworks enable your teams to meet new priorities as they appear. Since agile frameworks distribute power from project managers and onto teams, they won't need to wait for managers to lead them. They can make decisions for themselves, to make sure they never get behind!

2. Get Your Product to Market, Faster

When your teams don't need to worry about getting behind, they can complete tasks faster. Agile frameworks also enable greater cooperation between teams, which means the product can be completed faster. When coding teams can reach out to marketing teams seamlessly, your whole company operates as a unit, which will get your product to market quicker!

3. Achieve Perfect Production Times

Individual tasks can take a while to complete with traditional project management styles. Team members may feel lost without constant guidance. Yet, agile frameworks give them the tools and power they need to complete tasks as they come. That means productions times for each step of the development process will improve!

Agile Methodology Improves All Businesses

Using an agile methodology can be intimidating for any project manager. Implementing one can feel like losing control over your project, but that simply not the case. In reality, agile methodologies create better project managers because it gives the faith to trust in their teams.

Agile frameworks turn project managers into visionaries and leaders. And as a result, products end up being better. And if you want to create better products, just reach out to us here. We will help you improve your management style so that you can create better software that more people will use!

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